Williamson County Tennessee

Williamson County Tennessee: Introduction

Williamson County Tennessee lies just south of Nashville and is home to some of the biggest country music stars in the State of Tennessee.  With one of the fastest growing populations in the country, the historic city of Franklin is home to both the general sessions and circuit courts for Williamson County.  It is also the city headquarters of the circuit court  and district attorney's office of the 21st Judicial District.  If you are arrested in Williamson County, the following information will provide you with all the information you will need to understand the court system for this beautiful county.

Franklin General Sessions

The Franklin General Sessions Court is divided into two parts.  This court is the very first court.  It is the court that handles most criminal and civil matters.  It is a court designed to get rid of the small cases and preserve the important ones for Circuit Court.  This court would be considered "the people's court."  Think of Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown.  However, the two judges of this court take their job very seriously and have a great understanding of our DUI laws.  For more information on Williamson County General Sessions Court, click here.

Franklin Circuit Court

The Circuit Court of Williamson County, Tennessee is the court that handles all jury trials and motions filed by the parties.  It is a court of record designed to handle the most important cases.  Generally, a case that is brought to circuit court is one that is contested by the parties and will likely result in a jury trial.  The court is composed of four judges with various backgrounds in different areas of legal practice.  For more information on Williamson County Circuit Court, click here.